Papantonis Winery is a proud and active member of the organizations EDOAO, SEO and ENOAP.


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The National Interprofessional Vine & Wine Organization (Greek acronym: EDOAO) is the top Greek institution for Vine and Wine. It was founded and is composed by representatives of the production, processing and trading chain of vine and wine products. These founding entities are either cooperative or private enterprises of the viticulture and winemaking sectors that are respectively represented by the Central Cooperative Union of Vine&Wine Products (KEOSOE) and the Greek Wine Federation (SEO). The members of these two organizations either own vineyards and grow vines and grapes or own wineries and produce wine or do both.



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The Greek Wine Federation (SEO) was founded in 1995, after the split of the historical Association of Greek Industries of Wines and Beverages (SEVOP, founded 1949) into two sectors: Winemaking and Spirits&Beers production. As a purely winemaking institution, SEO tried to cover the increased needs of the Greek winemaking sector regarding its local and international interests.




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The Wine Producers Union of the Peloponnesian Vineyard (Greek acronym: ENOAP) is a civil non-profit society. Its objectives are the promotion and image improvement of the Peloponnese wines, in addition to development and utilisation of the Peloponnese vineyard in tourism.  To achieve that goal, it promotes and supports actions that associate wine with the Greek cultural heritage, publicise the Peloponnesian wines, both within and beyond the country’s borders.




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