Officially established in 1992 by  siblings Antonis and Kallie Papantonis, the company has its production, storage and sales facilities in the southern part of Argos. The vineyards, situated just outside of the village Malandreni, belong to the renowned viticultural region of Nemea. They were acquired much earlier, in 1979, by Antonis Papantonis, when he felt that living in nature and cultivating vines to make wine was offering a much more fulfilling life than the big city could ever offer him. After more than a decade’s experience in vine-growing and wine-making and having got a grasp of the market, he decides to combine powers with his sister, Kallie, and her unique marketing skills in order to create their own labels, promote and sell their wines.

The company’s goal is: “by specializing in just two local grape varieties (Agiorgitiko and Rhoditis) and an acclaimed international one (Chardonnay), the goal is to produce the best Agiorgitiko and the  best Rhoditis-Cardonnay possible, staying true to their label names’ meaning and reflecting the Papantonis family moral values. Keeping production limited in order to maintain excellent quality, the aim is to offer superior and personalized service to the consumers around the world, and to remind them that ‘moderation’ is the best philosophy."

Following the initial deep red Agiorgitiko called MEDEN AGAN (meaning “nothing in excess”), in 2005 came the elegant white Rhoditis-Chardonnay METRON ARISTON (meaning “moderation is best”).

In 2002 the winery was also the first to produce a sweet wine from the Agiorgitiko variety. It was baptized LYSIMELIS, meaning a wine that paralyzes one’s body with its sweetness and hedonism. Since 1993, the winery’s production has steadily grown from 2,500 bottles to over 50,000 at the 1999 vintage, and stays there despite the current capability of producing over 100.000 bottles per year.

Complimenting the high quality in vinification standards, the regular replenishment of the French oak barrels and the climate controlled caves, the company has been implementing the ISO 9002 Quality Management System and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach since March 2001.

Since Kallie Papantonis’ retirement in late 2008, Antonis Papantonis is the sole owner and General Manager of the company.


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