Since 2003, and depending on the vintage, the winery produces a new product called Lysimelis (pronounced “lee-see-me-l`ees”). It is a red, sweet wine made exclusively from the Agiorgitiko grapes variety.

The grapes used are allowed to mature fully on the vine under careful supervision, thus obtaining the highest possible concentration of sugars. After harvest, classical red vinification is applied which stops at 15% Vol. leaving a great percentage of unfermented sugars. In addition, the wine ages in French oak barrels. Lysimelis is produced in a limited number of bottles. You can drink it as an aperitif slightly cooled, but it is an ideal drink to accompany your dessert at room temperature.

The name LYSIMELIS derives from the word ‘lyo’ for “loosen up” and the word ‘melos’ for “part of the human body”. We find it used as an adjective to describe wine in the poetry of Hedylus (3rd cent. b.C.): ‘lysimelis bacchus’. This wine loosens up and relaxes the muscles of our body through its sweetness and hedonism.


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